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H&H Canteens offer ambitious, hard-working entrepreneurs an opportunity to run their own school canteen, without requiring a large injection of cash for start-up. We acquire and maintain a close relationship with the school and ensure the canteen is fitted with all the necessary equipment to operate the canteen. We provide extensive training and structured guidelines to help you run the canteen efficiently and succesfully.

Benefits for the canteen operator:
  • Low financial risk, high success rate.
  • Work during school hours.
  • Professional training by our experienced staff in all areas of business.
  • Competitive stock prices resulting from our buying power with suppliers.
  • Quarterly meetings with other canteen operators in your area, aimed to inspire one another and share ideas.
  • You influence your own success rate! If you work harder and do better, your (financial) reward will be higher.
Benefits for the school:
  • Decades of experience running successful school canteens.
  • Family owned business with a personal approach.
  • Healthy meals throughout all our canteens compling with the standards issued by the Victorian government.
  • Affordable prices for the kids.
  • Optional catering for school functions.
  • Food awareness projects and theme days.
  • School fundraisers.
  • We genuinely care about the future of our kids, therefore we support various school related projects.
Does the prospect of running your own canteen appeal to you? Or are you considering putting your school canteen up for tender? Contact us today!